Beelim Solutions

Inspired by different historic and cultural resources across the world
Looking to build a top-down game or a scene with mediaeval/fantasy elements? this pack can help.
Eight sets of renders for use alongside Ancient Buildings Sets 1 or 6!
A vast array of building renders for an exotic tribal/native setting.
Low poly 3d models, based on Bronze Age Greek examples
40 different models, covering ancient Egypt and subject peoples.
40 figures, on horseback and on foot, spanning 2.5k years of history.
2 dozen ancient Chinese figurines - from lowly spearmen to noble chariot archers
Need any Egyptian, Minoan or Syrian-style buildings? get them here.
A set of 27 renders, meant for use in top-down isometric view games utilising Asian Bronze Age architecture.
A set of 8 period townhouses for that homey, rustic feel in a top-down game.
3d models of war elephants, with and without furniture. Only BLEND and DAE, no animations.
3d models of Greek and European cavalry. Only BLEND and DAE, no animations.
Pots, basins, vases, glasses - the works, just for 2d settings
Assets for a simple 2d game with 8-bit graphics.
Egyptian? Hellenistic? Roman? Eastern? get them all here.
23 Celtic building sprites, ideal for a person building a low-res game that utilises an isometric view